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Unless you’ve spent the last few decades living in a cave, and then it wouldn’t come as a surprise to you that videos have taken content marketing by storm.

Just in 2016, online video users sized up to 1.5 billion, while every single month there are about 1 billion unique visitors in YouTube, making it the second largest search engine on the internet.

We can’t deny how the power of video has taken over the center stage. It’s considered to be the most engaging type of content today. But the real good news is that it’s more affordable than ever before. Back during the times, it could take an ample amount of time and a fortune to produce a video, but now, well let’s just say that taking videos is just in the midst of our fingertips. There’s more than one way to take videos. You can use your smartphone, your digital camera, and perhaps even a DSLR. Aside from the various ways of taking videos, there is also more than one way to implicate them into marketing, and this article is going to show you some of the most effective ways to do video marketing.

Present your product, service, or portfolio

You might already have a cleverly written product or services page, but the thing is not everyone who visits your site has the inclination to click the product and services page, more so read it from top to bottom. Most people prefer to hear or see it all directly, and since you can’t be present where all your visitors are residing, and then a video explainer is a way to go.

If you spend enough time surfing the internet, you’ll notice that almost all products and services from different business websites are practically the same, just depending on the industry they’re in. That’s just how it looks, but if we were to try all the products and services that different business websites offer, and then we’ll see the difference. This is where an explainer video comes in. Through it, you’ll be able to directly explain to your prospective customers the benefits of purchasing your products or services.

Explain your key competence

Despite the similar products, services, and even causes, all businesses are different in some ways. The uniqueness of a business is that which keeps it going. Just think, if all businesses were the same, and then how do you suppose business owners will ever gain any profit. Surely, all profit will go to one company which is the most popular among the others. The sole reason why businesses thrive is because, in one way or another, no two businesses are the same.

If there is another company who sells the same products such as you and then how do you convince your customer that he should choose your brand over the other? How do you make sure prospects understand your advantage over other solutions?  Having a video on your landing page, explaining how your business is different other types will take you a step closer to achieving your digital marketing objectives.

Offer instruction in a tutorial video

One way to keep customers coming back for more is by making sure they know how to use your product or service in the most beneficial way. And sure, you can bet that they’ll be calling or emailing you if ever they have any questions regarding their purchase, but they’d be even happier to have opened your site and found their answer rather than having to email you and wait for a response.

Your product or service might not be rocket science, but still, there will be customers who’ll find it hard to work it, and that’s going to have a significant effect on their engagement and overall satisfaction.

Create a product teaser

Build anticipation for your existing and prospect customers by uploading a product teaser on your company website.

Provide special interest content in your website

Are you really who you say you are? Even though you already have your existing customers as a witness for your expertise, it still wouldn’t hurt to show off your prowess to prospects, and even to your current customers.

Most businesses prefer to write about one significant topic in their field. But how sure are you that people are going to read your blog from top to bottom? Let’s face it. People are really busy. They can be either busy with their job or busy with their classes. Either way, they won’t have the time to read a full article about something they don’t even know would engage them or not. Even so, you have a mission to do, and that’s to keep people interested in you. Instead of writing an article, you should create a 3-minute explainer video about one significant topic in your field. Not only will it leave a long-lasting impression, it’ll also tell people how much you know in your field.

Explain your mission and vision

Your stakeholders are your employees, vendors, lenders, customers, to name a few.  Without them, and then your business would cease to run. These stakeholders demand to know what you have in mind, the steps you intend to take for your business. But it’s not like you can shout your ideas to the entire world.

When people starts to get interested in your company, and then the first place that they’ll be going to is your website, and the first thing that they’ll be looking for is your mission and vision page. Let’s get straight to the point: some people won’t have the luxury of tie to read your entire mission and vision. If they think that it’s going to take too much of their time, and then you can bet that they’ll be clicking out of your page.

It’s much better to have an explainer video about your mission and vision your homepage, and perhaps even on your landing page.

Launch a fun video

Prospects would want to know what kind of atmosphere you have within your company and in your team. Your website and written blogs are a good way to showcase a positive atmosphere, but an even better way to do so is by creating a fun video for all people to see on your website.

Different people can interpret your blog in any way they want, but if your upload a video instead, and then they’re interpretation will all be the same. They’ll see how fun your company is.

Roel Mahalin
Roel Mahalin is an Online Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He knows how valuable it is to own a website and become visible in search engine.
Roel Mahalin